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What Do Car Wash Consumers Want Most?

Low Prices, Fast Wash, Convenience, and A Clean Dry Shiny Car

 Fusion max car wash delivers all the above and more with just a quick 3-minute ride from the automated pay station to the end of the wash tunnel. Since you stay in the vehicle, no one will disturb your private space. Our wash packages start at  low prices  (prices vary by location) including always FREE VACUUMS. Our Unlimited Wash Clubs provide even more value for you frequent washers.

 we also offer affordable Express Detailing services. No reservations needed and no waiting hours to get your car back. All wash and detail services come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

 Modern Technology

Equipment technology in the automated car wash industry has improved dramatically over the last few years and we have chosen the best. The processes and materials used  are safer than ever and virtually assure a consistently clean dry shiny car every time. The biggest change may be the material used to remove tenacious dirt. We use a lightweight soft foam that helps to gently wash your car with no marks or dull finish.

Wheels & Tires

Everybody likes good looking wheels and tires. Fusion Max Express tunnels use computerized brushes with high pressure sprayers and specialized wheel brightener& tire cleaning solutions. This process is very effective at removing the dirt  while it brightens aluminum and chrome wheels. 

Our Secret Sauce

The secret to a car cleaning is the water. Most people think all water is the same, but this is far from true. Good water is the one ingredient that makes everything work.After cleaning is done the water is recycled.

Always Clean, Dry & Shiny Cars

A clean car will not stay that way if not dried properly. The Fusion Max Express drying process begins with a spot free rinse and a drying solution. The spot free rinse is a special process that greatly filters the final rinse water to eliminate spots if any water drops are left on the surface. The drying solution is like that used in your dishwasher. It treats the vehicle surface area which provides for faster runoff under the dryers. The dryers are a powerful array of blower fans that blast off any remaining rinse water as the car exits the tunnel.

The Fusion Max Green Initiative

Because environmental safety is very important to Fusion Max, we have integrated many key features into our car wash building and processes. We are one of the only car washes companies in the United States that qualify for unlimited Federal SBA lending based on our high-level green initiatives.

Here is a list of some our specific green initiatives implemented at all locations: